Over the 20 years, Unwined Liquor has sourced some great beers of this World, ranging anywhere from Europe to Asia, via the Indian Ocean, recently adding the only American Trappist beer range to our folio. We also offer a traditional, medium dry cider in Tube as well as eccentric imported & local RTD spirit mixers.

Premium Beer

British-influenced, Sri Lankan premium brew since 1860s. King of beers in Asia and beyond, market leader in Colombo and globally.

Czech-style 4.8% Lager.
Gold Monde Selection 2012, 2014.

Rice-driven 8.8% Strong lager.
Grand Gold Monde Selection 2012.

12% Extra Strong.
Gold Monde Selection 2020.

8.8% Stout.
Beer Hunter commended, Grand Gold Monde Selection 2013 & Gold 2020.

330 & 625ml Btl, 330 & 500ml Can.

Dutch-influenced, famous beer from World-recognised tropical island paradise, Mauritius.

Malty golden lager.

Selected malted barley from Australia and Europe.

Pure volcanic-sourced water.

Minimal carbonation, less gassy.

5% 330ml Btl & Can. 650ml Btl. 500ml Can on-order.

Gold 2020 Monde Selection awards.

Belgian pilsner, family-brewed since 1750s.

True family spirit for 8 Gens.

Fresh distinctive hop character.

Crisp pils.

4.5% 500ml Can & 5% 330ml Btl.

Spanish Cerveza, extremely easy to drink.

Great summer fresh lager.

Light headed, Medium-bodied.

Very soft bitterness.

4.6% 330ml Can.

Golden Italian-style birra.

Crisp malty lager.

Medium-bodied, mild gasy, smooth.

4.5% 500ml Can.


Unique, first & only non-European Trappist brewery, St Joseph’s Abbey Massachussets USA.

Monastic way of life, profits ploughed back into community.

Belgian-inspired, American brewed.

4.7% Pilsner.
UnTappd 3.6.

6.5% Trappist Ale.
1st place TGIBF 2016, RateBeer 96, BeerAdvocate 90.

7.2% IPA.
BeerAdvocate 85.

6.3% Monks’ IPA.
UnTappd 3.7, BeerAdvocate 89.

9% Holiday Ale.
UnTappd 3.7, BeerAdvocate 90.

10.2% Monks’ Reserve & Oak-aged Quadrupel.
UnTappd 3.8, RateBeer 98.

8.7% Imperial Stout.
UnTappd 3.8, RateBeer 97, BeerAdvocate 90.

330ml, 355ml & champagne 750ml Btl, 473ml Can.


Superbly refined Belgian IPA, small-batch artisan ale.

6 premium, high-quality hops.

Late & dry hopping.

Double aroma, bitter hops.

Copper blond ale.

6.5% 330ml Btl.

Historical brewery next to Bocholt’s parish of Saint Christophe. Honouring the priest’s patronage, 260 years of abbey-style Belgian top ferments.

Premium ingredients.

Blonde 6% pale ale.

330ml Btl.

South-American birra, reminiscent of Mexican-styled small bodegas crossed with European shandy.

New age clean & crisp lager.

Rare Tequila beer.

Small dose of agave tequila flavours.

5.9% 330ml Btl. 500ml Can on-order.

Augustinian monastery turned brewery in 1360s.

Central Germany family brauerei.

5-Gen of tradition & artisanal brewing, 1516 German purity law.

4.8% Classic pilsner.

5.7% Hefe-Weizen wheat bier.

4.8% Schwarzbier black lager.

500ml Btl.

Irish Cider

Reminiscent of Ireland’s past, mysterious & folkloric.

Stone’s throw outside Borrisoleigh is a mountain curiously named Devils Bit.

Tipperary orchard-grown cider apples.

Abundant natural water at Mountain peak’s foot.

No artificial colour, sweetener, flavour.

Medium-dry Irish cider.

6% 500ml Can.

Gold British Bottlers Institute
& Gold 2016 90pt World Cider C’Ships.

Fusion Spirits

Eastern-European influenced, family Melbourne-produced range of fortified wines.

‘Simile’ vodka using premium Australian grapes.

Triple micro-filtration, innovative blending.


Original straight.

Multiple premium flavours:
Blue Citrus, Lime, Orange, NEW Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry.

21-22% 700ml Btl.

Mix & Match 750ml Sparkling Water.

South African, transparent premium Vodka sours.

Comet balls made from an organic extract.

Colourful & luminous glowy balls, edible jelly comets.

Bubble Gum, NEW Grape, Pina Coladan Tutti Fruitti.

11% 750ml Btl.

Mixer RTD

Originating from a Gluten intolerant mindset, healthier RTD alternative to traditionally sweeter vodka mixers.

Appeal to modern tonic drinkers.

Gluten-free, sugar-free, Carb-free.

Purified, lightly sparkled water.

Acai + Berry.

Lemon + Lime.

Pink + Grapefruit.

NEW Matcha Frappe & Ginger Dry.

4.6% range 275ml Btl.

Small batch RTD cocktails by mixologist Dan Crowley, Irish-origin cocktail gems.

Premium-distilled vodka, gin & whiskey.

Quality tonics & fruit juices mixed.

No artificial flavour, colour or sweeteners.

Pink G&T, mixed raspberries and rhubarb, quinine tonic.

Vodka Soda Cranberry, mixed soda & cranberry, sweet & bubbly.

Whiskey, Ginger & Lime, mixed spicy ginger ale, twist of lime.

Arty 5% 330ml tinnies, on-order only..

Fun mix of premium shots presented in smaller, affordable carry buckets.

7 varieties make a total of 16 shot classics per bucket.



Wet Kitty.


Strawberry & Cream.

Red & Black Samba.


18% ABV sealed colourful 30ml shots.